Dec 06 2011

Early Life

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Mimi Koehl was born on October 1, 1948 to George and Alma Koehl. Although she was born in Washington DC, she was raised in Silver Spring, Maryland. Like many people, Dr. Koehl was largely influenced by her parents: her mother’s career as an artist, and her father’s job as a physicist had a large impact on her childhood interests. When she got older, she began her studies in college as an art student and was especially drawn to shapes and textures from nature.

Unfortunately, she did encounter challenges in her pursuit of science: both her mother and father discouraged her from studying science in school. Her father believed it to be too difficult for her, and her mother wanted Mimi to focus more on her social life and to be more lady-like. Adding to her difficulties, Mimi also suffered from dyslexia, a condition that would not be discovered until many years later. Undeterred, Mimi would spend hours studying while under the covers, eager to learn all she could.

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