Dec 10 2011

The Final Comparison

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How do Mimi Koehl and Bill Nye actually match up?

Mimi Koehl studies biomechanics, which explains how systems and stuctures in nature function. A question that a biomechanic might ask would be: how does the human heart get blood to the rest of the body? Bill Nye, on the other hand, studies mechanical engineering, which explains the design and function of machines. A question that a mechanical engineer would ask might be: how does an airplane engine work, and can it be made more efficient?

Mimi Koehl does not have the fame and name recognition as Bill Nye does – the popularity of his television series has put him more in the public eye than her career as a researcher and a professor. However, she does have more awards from the scientific community than he does, which is a product of her ability to work in a lab more frequently than Nye. In the end, it appears that gender did not play a significant role in the lives of either scientist. And as Mimi Koehl herself said: “So much that’s written about women in science… focuses on the struggles. The flipside of the story is what motivates us to do science is exciting and intriguing it is.”

Regardless of career paths, both individuals have led remarkable lives, and both have earned their successes. Both scientists are good role models and encourage everyone to discover more about the world around them

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